How many times can they be used and washed?

The Period panties will last at maximum tech performance for industry standard of 40 washes or ~2 years, if cared for properly. This means washing them on a gentle cycle with the rest of your delicates, never using bleach or fabric softener, and hang drying!

How long can I wear Period Panties for?

Everyone’s flow is different so you can wear the period panties for as long as your flow will allow. And of course, the style you wear also plays a factor, as some styles are more absorbent than others. We measure our panties by absorbency with our highest absorbency styles holding 5 tampons’ worth of fluid. […]

How do I know if they’re getting full?

One way to tell when your undies are full is looking at the side seam of the gusset and feeling if it is wet. If you notice blood at the seam, this is a good indication that your period panties are full. Over time, you’ll start to get a sense of your unique flow and […]